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Friendly customer service by butchers in Cambridge
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100 years of
friendly local service,
with a smile

Read about us in Cambridge News (click here to open the article).

Meet Tony, Colin, Sharon and Paul - your local friendly butchers, with 100 years' experience between them, sourcing and serving the highest quality local food to the Cambridge community.
Whatever your needs or catering occasions are - from Sunday Roast to Sausage and Mash, from Full English to Pasties for lunch, from Fillet Steak to Burgers and BBQ, from Christmas Turkey to your Weekly Shop - we've got it all covered at Cambridge Butchers Cousins.
Need help with choosing the right cut for the dish or some advice on cooking times, temperatures or ingredients? We are happy to help, just ask us!

Want to grab a quick coffee and a croissant on your way to town, and catch up on local gossip?  Cousins is just the right place for it too.
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