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Award-Winning Cousins Pies, Quiches, Scotch Eggs, Rolls and Pasties 

These hand-crafted and home-made pies, quiches and scotch eggs are baked in our shop every week in front of your very eyes. Not to be missed and simply the best in town. And in the case of our steak pies - the best in the UK!

Steak Pie
Seak and Kidney Pie
Chicken Pie
Scotch Egg
Ham Quiche
Veg Quiche
Cornish Pasties
Sausage Roll
And now it is official - Cousins Steak Pie is the Best Steak Pie not only in Newnham, not only in Cambridge, but in whole England!
Don't miss out on this award-winning local favourite, hand-crafted from the best local beef, using Tony's secret recipe and Sharon's magic touch.
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