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Our Products 

high quality local beef and steak
Sunday roast yorkshire pudding gravy
Sauce for Beef Stroganoff
Best of British beef
We  source prime beef from a number of local farmers, having developed good relationship with them over many years.  Whether you are having Fillet steak, Sirloin steak, Ribeye steak, Ribs or a Roast Beef - you are guaranteed the best quality and taste with our beef. 
Pick of the prime lamb
Our delicious lamb is locally sourced and includes a mix of both recognised and lesser known sheep breeds.  Whether you are having a Spring Lamb Shoulder, a Leg of Lamb or Lamb Shanks, we promise that you will be impressed with your lamb dish.
Top-notch rare breeds pork
For many years we have sourced rare breed pork from Dingley Dell. Their old-fashioned breeds cannot be hurried and are slowly brought to maturity, so whether you are having Pork Chops or Pork Belly or Pulled Pork - whatever it is, your pork dish is full of juicy flavour.
Plucking the perfect poultry
We offer a wide range of turkey, chicken and duck.  The birds, many free-range, are sourced through recognised and long established local farms.  Whether it is Christmas Turkey, Crispy Roast Duck or Free-Range Chicken - you can rest assured that the taste and quality is the best in Cambridge.
Pheasant, rabbit, venison and partridge are so versatile - terrines, stir fries, casseroles, even curries - more and more Cambridge people are switching to this local, healthy and tasty meat.
Inspired Dining
Running out of recipe ideas or simply pressed for time to cook from scratch?  No problem!  Effortlessly turn your chicken or game into a French Chasseur or your beef into a Russian Stroganoff with our new range of finishing sauces.  
Inspired dining made quick and easy!
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