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Our SHOP is OPEN 7 am until 4 pm Monday to Saturday.

Strictly no more than 2 people inside the shop at any given time.  Please wear a face covering.

Payment by card is strongly preferred. 

Alternatively you can also PRE-ORDER and COLLECT.

Please ring us during our business hours.

Or we also offer LOCAL DELIVERY within Cambridge.

Sorry we are no Amazon, so please bear with us and follow these 3 steps:

1. Call us or Send us a Message with your number.

Sorry, the line is very busy but keep trying.

If you message or email us, please include your phone number and we will call you back.

2. Tell us what you'd like to order. 

We will check what we have available at that time and prepare your bag there and then.  We will take your card payment, and your address and contact number whilst you are on the phone.

Delivery is free but the minimum order is £30 please.

3. We will deliver that same day between 5 and 7 pm (approximately), leave your bags at your door, ring the bell/mobile and leave. Sorry, no usual Cousins chit-chat this time.


Cousins Butchers in Cambridge shop
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