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Cousins now stock Inder's Kitchen ready-made meals.

Delicious selection of Starters, Sides and Mains.


Authentic Indian recipes of beef, chicken, prawns, salmon and vegetarian dishes. 


Just pop it in the oven for 30-40 minutes and enjoy a great night in.



  • Mixed mild starters of a potato and garden pea samosa, paneer spring roll and a spiced mushroom croquette                                                                                            £2.95



  • Kashmiri lamb & chickpea curry – Diced leg of lamb and chickpeas in a medium spiced North Indian tomato masala                                                                                              £5.45

  • Pork vindaloo – A classic fiery Goan curry with diced pork collar simmered in a spicy masala with garlic and vinegar                                                                 £5.45

  • Keralan beef curry – Slow cooked beef in a medium spiced peppery South Indian masala flavoured with star anise                                                                                       £5.45

  • Punjabi chicken curry – A North Indian classic mild curry with free range chicken thighs in a rich tomato masala                                                                                           £5.45

  • South Indian chicken curry – Free range chicken thighs simmered in coconut milk with curry leaves and mustard seeds                                                                               £5.45

  • Butter chicken – A rich curry with free range chicken thighs in a mild buttery tomato and garlic masala                                                                                                                         £5.45

  • South Indian sambhar (vegetarian) – Fresh carrot, cauliflower and potato in a medium spiced lentil chowder                                                                                                                      £5.45

  • Mattar paneer (vegetarian) – A North Indian classic with fresh paneer in a mild rich and creamy tomato masala                                                                                                £5.45

  • Aloo baigan (vegetarian) – Fresh aubergines and potatoes cooked with medium spices and tomatoes                                                                                                                        £5.45

  • King prawn curry – A medium spiced curry with coconut milk and tomatoes with mustard seeds and fresh curry leaves                                                                    £5.45

  • Salmon moilee curry – Fresh salmon in a mildly spiced South Indian coconut milk masala                                                                                                                            £5.45

  • Chettinad snapper curry – A hot and peppery curry packed with the flavours of Southern India                                                                                                                      £5.45



  • Tadka dal (vegetarian) – The traditional mild yellow lentil dal                                     £2.95

  • Dal makhani (vegetarian) – A mild, rich and creamy North Indian dal                       £2.95

  • Chana masala (vegetarian) – The North Indian mild chickpea classic                         £2.95


  • Yellow rice (vegetarian) – Basmati rice flavoured with turmeric                                £1.95

  • Jeera rice (vegetarian) – Basmati rice flavoured with cumin seeds                           £1.95



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