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Most expensive steak pie is £8,195

Don't worry, it is not one of Cousins' pies gone up in price. For a fraction of eight grand you can still enjoy Cousins England's Best Steak Pie if you are passing by our shop in Newnham. But as we were brousing through the book of Guinness World Records (as you do, on a Sunday afternoon) this pie grabbed our attention.

This wallet, sorry I mean record-breaker, is sold at the Fence Gate Inn in Lancs and costs £8,195 (or a mere £1,024 per slice) and was created by Spencer Burge, the head chef (pictured). The pies most expensive ingredients include Japanese wagyu beef, Chinese matsutake mashrooms and gravy made from a French wine for £1,000 per bottle....

There was no mention of its taste in the Guinness book - perhaps the Fence Gate Inn are still waiting for their first customer to try it. But if you are closer to Cambridge than to Lancashire, you are most welcome to grab one of Cousins Steak Pies.

Cousins pie is no Guinness record winner -- but is England's Best Steak Pie Silver award winner.

Cousins Steak Pie doesn't boast any exotic ingredients -- but we are very proud of and committed to using local meat and produce from farmers in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Cousins pie is not sold by slice -- but once you had one piece you would want to finish the whole lot, so why bother with slicing it!

So if we had entered into the Guinnness book, what World Record would the Cousins Steak Pie achieve? Let us know what you think and your record nominations. Please post here or on our Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you and hope to see you soon.


Cousins of Newnham

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