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Best smoked salmon in Cambridge, all the way from the very north of Scotland


Now... 'fish' is not the word that we use lightly but this Loch Duart Salmon is different. 


If you have tried our Macsween Haggis then you know that you can trust us to spot the best of ‪‎Scotland‬, and this top quality and delicious smoked salmon is another gem that we discovered and have brought to you in Cambridge all the way from the North of Scotland. 


Loch Duart Salmon is not just a name.

Loch Duart is the loch beside our hatchery where salmon grow from egg to smolt. The stocks have come from their own broodstock which has been developed since the 1970s and are bred to look streamlined and beautiful like wild salmon, and to taste extraordinary.


But don't take our word for it - try it and see for yourself.  You'll love its beautiful texture and taste.




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